Traveling to Miami Music Week on a Budget

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March definitely creates dents in raver’s bank accounts not only because festival season kicks off, but because it is the month of Miami Music Week. The cost of flights, hotel accommodations, food and of course event tickets can surely be daunting but with the right game plan, monies can be saved. At the conclusion of each rendition of Ultra Music Festival, dates for the following year are released just so future attendees can prepare for fun in the Miami sun all over again. With Miami Music Week taking place the entire week prior to Ultra, it is as simple as counting back the days to your favorite party to begin planning your ultimate Music Week excursions.

Checking Facebook groups and online chat rooms to find an Ultra squad is crucial since the bigger the crew, the cheaper it is to split the trip amongst everyone. So as soon as you’ve gathered your group, it’s time to start researching your travel options. The ideal time to book the hotel for the best rate would be right after Ultra Music Festival the previous year, as soon as the dates are released. For those who may not set plans that far into the future, the skyrocketed average prices of $650 per night may cause a slight headache. One of the best resources for finding the greatest steals on hotel prices is right here. Partnering with hotels of all price ranges and accommodations, Miami Music Week saves you a lot of the trouble and provides some of the best bang for your buck in terms of room and board for your stay.

As for travel, Google Flights is an excellent way to find cheap airfare. Users can track prices of flights searched and set email alerts when chosen flights change in price. A great app that performs just as well (if not better) is Hopper, which sends you notifications on when your selected flights drop prices, wherever your travels may take you. Flights currently are priced below $150 round-trip from NYC to Miami International but the one downfall is there are no options are currently available to upgrade seating via the app. Now that we got the more expensive items in your itinerary out of the way, let’s talk about the reason why you are here: event ticketing. Surprisingly, Miami Music Week’s 260+ events are quite affordable with several different price points available. The average pricing for early bird tickets to major headliner events are usually $25-$30 (plus taxes and fees) and increase upon availability. However, these early bird specials do sell fast so keep an eye on the shows you want to attend or you will be missing out!

Whether you are working on a tight budget or just a savvy raver hunting for the best deals, planning early and intelligently is the ultimate key to Miami Music Week success. Hopefully some or all of these tips end up leaving you and your wallet happy and healthy.

Written byJason Adamchak.

Published by Exposed on December 20th, 2016.

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